Discover. Understand. Act!

Cogito API unlocks the meanings of words to extract
precious insight from your unstructured data

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Business and unstructured data contain critical information
Cogito API seeks and retrieves it for your business apps

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Give your applications a boost with Cogito API’s deep understanding of meanings, sentiment, intentions and motivations

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From knowledge management to financial analysis, from marketing to sentiment analysis, use Cogito API to help your business applications evolve

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Easily Integrate the Cogito API into your platform and applications

Discover. Understand. Act!

Cogito API delivers semantic analysis and natural language processing so you can extract meaning and insight from your unstructured content and data. The Cogito API rapidly deploys accelerating development and empowering your applications.


  • “Being able to intercept and take advantage of certain indicators or signals on the web is difficult without sophisticated tools and instruments for analysis. By quickly and accurately identifying strategic data, semantic technology allows us to make more informed decisions and to do a better job of protecting our citizens around the world.”

     Claudio Taffuri, Advisor and Director of the Crisis Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Deploy the power of semantic technology in your existing infrastructure

Cogito API is a ready-to-deploy and a fully configured API series for identification of entities including people, places, geography, URLs, email, phone numbers, currency, dates, values, and much more. Data output is returned in a UTF-8 JSON or XML format.

  • Disambiguate and understand content, organize and classify, apply semantic reasoning, capture emotions in context, acquire and connect externally linked content, normalize and extract virtually any entity.


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